This year has had great moments as well as not so great ones.

We have met a lot of new people at events throughout the year and continue to love talking vacations with you all. We have learned Fortnite dances, watched a lot of Yankee baseball, swam a lot, and we laughed even more.

We have adjusted to two children in school and having activities. Olivia is loving robotics and competing in Technology Student Association (don’t tell her she is already smarter than us). Avery thought he wanted to be a basketball player, but found out that soccer is more his speed. He is also loving school and is sad when he doesn’t have to go.

The hurricane brought a lot of flooding to our area (and 16 days of no school). It was very heart warming to watch as our community all stepped up to help their neighbors.

We were able to visit many places and learn more about each other in some down time. Chris and I took our annual trip without the kids (highly recommend to all parents/couples/adults) and we took a few family vacations. That time we have on vacation is so precious to us because often we are so busy at home, that we don’t have that uninterrupted time we have on vacation.

The business has grown (thank you wonderful clients) and we continue to try to improve our services. We still haven’t met our goal for this year, but are hoping we can before the end of the year.

We hope you are having a wonderful year.

Chris, Brandy, Olivia and Avery

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